Hi my name is Nikki Bradley, I am 29 years old and currently residing in Donegal, Ireland. I have set myself the challenge of getting as fit as I can and maintaining that level of fitness. What makes my blog different from other fitness blogs is that I have various disabilities that will slow my progress down. I have had two total right hip replacements and have chronic nerve and muscle damage along with a whole host of other ailments! Having said that, I am determined not to let my disabilities get in my way. I hope this will inspire others in similar situations.
I am using fitness in my campaign Fighting Fit For Ewing’s. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer that I battled in 2003. I have been cancer free for twelve years thankfully, although the treatment I went through has left me unable to walk. I use crutches permanently and experience pain on a daily basis. My hip is getting progressively worse and there is nothing my doctors can do for me anymore. Depressing right?? Well I chose not to think like that because quite simply, what is the point?. It won’t change my situation or make a single difference to my health and that is what I am learning. Having a positive attitude can make even the most unbearable situation bearable.

This blog will follow my progress…

If you would like to follow my weekly column with The Donegal News you can do so here



8 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Evie:) thank you so much. I really enjoyed doing the interview I must say. I have also received lots of messages from people battling cancer which makes me feel wonderful that people feel they can talk to me about it.
      Thanks again,
      Take care,
      Nikki xxx

  1. Just saw your day in my hometown of Rathmullan, where you were SUP, have to say I just had to read your story, and I take my hat of to you girl, you’ve been through so much, And you are an inspiration to others facing the same challenges as you did yourself… 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Shane,
      Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed paddle boarding with Luke it was a great experience and one that I am glad I can do regardless of my hip.
      It’s tough going at times but receiving comments such as yours keep me motivated so thank you:)
      Kind regards,

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